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WholesaleToCashBuyers.com is a joint-venture program offered by X-Static Realty Group. Using our database of cash buyers and our marketing process, we are able to get your inventory of properties turned around quickly for a profit. Currently the program is being offered to wholesale real estate investors in the entire state of Florida and the Las Vegas valley. We will be extending the program to other regions very soon.

This program offers to market your properties in a 50/50 spilt in profit from either a contract assignment or a double-closing. We do not accept "bird-dog" properties in our program, meaning only properties that our partners have placed under contract or otherwise have equitable interest in, will be accepted.

This program is primarily setup for properties with motivated sellers who are looking to solve their real estate problems through a quick sale and usually without the added expenses of a realtor commission and the added delay of financing qualification. Whether it be pre-forclosure, short-sale, REO, divorce or landlord burnout - the properties we typically partner on are qualified as motivated sellers who NEED to sell rather than simply wanting to sell. The property or the seller is typically distressed in one way or another and are willing to offer a deep discount for a cash purchase.  We will refuse deals that are structured in more of a "retail" price offering or where our partner is adding a "commission" or percentage of sale. If a partner continues to present such type of deals, they will eventually be removed from the program.

We do not represent any properties in the capacity of a Realtor®, broker or real estate agent and are therefore do not add any commssion structure to any of the deals we partner on and subsequently offer to our cash buyers.

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If you are a cash buyer that has found your way here via a Google search, and would like to be added to our database of cash buyers, please go to WholesaleForCashBuyers.com and submit your information to receive bi-weekly inventory in your inbox, and receive access to review all our available wholesale properties.